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SHIFT SESSIONS Vol. 1: The Impact of Blockchain on the Business Landscape

Blockchains & DLT

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the pace of the digital transformation. Besides AI, Blockchain, and other Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) are very likely to make the most transformative and dramatic changes in the way businesses function during the next decade. They remove an inherent weakness of the internet as such: communication on blockchains means real transactions – no copy and paste, with double-spending and digital rights methods (DRM) issues, but value transfers, from one participant to another. The Web 3, as the Blockchain space, is also called being the natural successor of the Web 1 e-Commerce era, and the Web 2 Social Media era brings unequivocal value transfer, data immutability, and data consistency. 

The Decentralization Paradigm Shift

This foundational technological layer results in a paradigm shift for the global business landscape. International trade, global supply chains, and commerce depend on seamless data exchange within networks of trust. Since Blockchains provide these highly secure data protocols, businesses can safely collaborate and cooperate with their competitors (“co-opetition”) without fearing data loss, breach of secrecy, or other related dangers. On a Blockchain, competitors can collaborate by sharing what they have agreed upon, cooperate by jointly building on shared IP, and even compete by building and marketing applications on top of the together created tech layer. This possibility to collaborate in a risk-free environment allows for unprecedented business opportunities – especially for European enterprises that are increasingly facing competitive pressure from the United States and China.

Shift Sessions Vol. 1 – Roundup

In this Shift Session, we explain the foundational technological aspects of Blockchains and DLT. Based on the longtime theoretical expertise and practical experience with Blockchain technology, we discuss the technology’s impact on the business landscape in general and your industry. Based on your insights into your enterprise and the market you’re in, we envision how you and your company can leverage Blockchain technology to achieve operating excellence and build new business models or ecosystems. After the Shift Sessions, you will have mastered Blockchain technology fundamentals. You will have gained a strong basis for discussing with other executives, engineers, and investors. You can create ideas for new collaborative business approaches and orchestrate or trigger joint strategies with competitors or other market participants.

Shift Sessions Vol. 1 – Topics

In this Shift Session, technological, business, organizational, legal,  and regulatory aspects of Blockchain technology will be discussed and put into a broader context.

  • Technology: Blockchain is a decentralized database and ledger with several inherent features, such as immutability of data and cryptographic encryption. These aspects and their impact will be discussed and compared to existing centralized non-blockchain solutions.
  • Business: Due to its decentralized architecture, Blockchain differs from other database software regarding their cost-savings potential and their ability to allow new business models. Blockchain’s impact on the cost side, as well as the revenue side, will be discussed.
  • Organization: In contrast to traditional organizations, a Blockchain-based structure inherits the need for a governance model that lays the base for all network decisions. We discuss a governance model’s elements and what is needed to run a decentralized organization sustainably or create and organize a blockchain-based consortium.
  • Legal/Regulatory: A decentralized organization has to comply with laws and regulations that have been initially designed for centralized entities. We explain how existing European rules and laws and Blockchain-based organizations fit together.

About Shift Sessions Vol.1 The Impact of Blockchain on the Business Landscape

This Shift Session is being organized under the patronage of the European Blockchain Association e.V., which serves as a superior, neutral body to aggregate and coordinate Blockchain activities throughout Europe and to provide Non-European parties access into the European blockchain ecosystem. Professors of Technical University Munich TUM, Zeppelin University, and htw Saar, provide academic coaching, and Blockchain Architects of Datarella GmbH provide practical coaching.

Academic Lead: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Ernstberger
Business Lead: Michael Reuter

If you are responsible for overseeing and /or managing a company, and you feel the need to learn more about decentralization, Blockchain, and its diverse future impacts on your enterprise, feel free to contact us to arrange for your personal coaching Shift Session: